Send a note to congress

Client Postcard

These talking points help answer all of your questions on LIHEAP, specific to Michigan.  Educate and Share.

Liheap Matters to Michigan Infographic

Use NEUAC's or THAW's ready forms to send a note to Congress.  Use any of the data above to make it Michigan specific OR add in a personal story from a client, yourself, or friend.

This downloadable PDF contains a state wide and congressional district factsheets.  This informative document allows you to present localized information for education purposes.  PLEASE NOTE: The data includes LIHEAP as well as MEAP (state dollar) funding data.

Congressional Data Sheets


This downloadable PDF provides great information on why LIHEAP and WAP make a difference.


This downloadable PDF infographic highlights key data about LIHEAP in Michigan.  Easy to read the format is a great conversation starter.

Borrowed from our friends in Missouri, download this printable postcard on cardstock.  Clients can complete onsite for easy sendout.

LIHEAP State Sheet

All of the Resources you need at your fingertips.


Used at LIHEAPAction Day, this sheet gives historical LIHEAP funding data as well as a few other key data points.