Our members and partners are critical to our success of educating on the need for energy assistance and the importance of why we must continually take action to advocate with policy makers.  Members include non-profits, human services organizations, energy efficiency providers and educators, consumer groups, utilities, and government. 

  • The Coalition will encourage improvements in the effectiveness of state and administrative agency energy assistance delivery systems.
  • The Coalition will educate its membership and participants about issues impacting low-income energy customers, including an understanding of household needs and strategies to effectively address those needs.
  • The Coalition will encourage and support efforts to simplify and expand customer access to available assistance resources.
  • The Coalition will explore creative solutions to close the gap between what is affordable for a low-income customer to pay for energy and the actual bill.
  • The Coalition will engage in advocacy supporting adequate federal funding for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and that Michigan continue to receive its fair share of the allocation among the states.
  • The Coalition will support continued funding for weatherization assistance. 

Guiding Principles

our Members

unique coalition

Members include energy service providers, state governmental bodies, nonprofit energy assistance providers, and individual supporters with direct or indirect involvement in low income household energy issues.

1987 - Coalition began in talks and efforts.

1990s - Meetings continued at The Library of Michigan

2000s - Activity occurs at the State Public Service Commission and opportunities for filing testimony on energy assistance needs is given

2010s - Coalition to Keep Michigan Warm grows to over 7000 supporting members and continues to develop a solid Board of active members

recent programs

We've been engaged through member 211 Michigan with education on the winter season and ways to seek help.

Coalition History

mission & vision

The mission  is to help those in need through the exchange of information, developing new ideas, public education and advocacy.