The Coalition recent activity includes the following:

  • Working with the new administration to declare February as "Keep Michigan Warm Month" to help raise awareness of the importance of energy assistance.  Thank you Governor Whitmer!!
  • Submitting comments at the Michigan Public Service Commission in case U-18120 affecting the recent proposed modifications to customer billing rules.  The Coalition made comments in regard to ensuring additional protections for those needing medical assistance shut-off protection.
  • Helping our partners across the county get the word out on the continued need for LIHEAP appropriations.  To help in this effort, go here.
  • Providing education and information to our members of Congress at their district offices so that they have valuable information to help Michiganders at their fingertips.
  • Participating in the National Neuac LIIHEAP action day in Washington, DC on February 28.  Thirteen members "fly-in" to share information one energy assistance.  Thank you to our Congressional members for ensuring that energy assistance is a bi-partisan issue!!


Recent activity

Our efforts have generally focused on three objectives:

  • Educating state and federal officials about the challenges many of Michigan’s low-income residents face
  • Working with state officials to improve how energy assistance is delivered
  • Helping low-income individuals understand and utilize available assistance options
  • Working with non-profit and other partners across the state to develop best practices
  • Increasing public awareness about the need for energy assistance and ways to help


what we do